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Spa & Salon Social by Julie Bevel

Well that was fun, LOL! We had our first major snowstorm on the day of our Spa Social – Shop Local and Mother Nature put a tiny little damper on our good time. Still had about 50 people through here, and we kept ourselves entertained. We had about 10 different women in business set up temporary shop in both the massage side and salon side of our business, and showcased all the goodies well. Everyone did a decent amount of sales, the gluten free pizza from our neighbor My Pizza Heaven was a hit, and we decided to do another one next Spring when tj

3 weeks until Christmas and we’ve hired another Stylist, Chrisdyan. She does amazing cut & color, is from Elgin, and gives great mani/pedi as well. As we continue building our business it’s so important to have these resident experts on-site and ready to serve. Rebooking rate is high among all of the team, and we’re getting traction with Google and the other search engines. This blog has been helpful. I just want to sing it from the rafters – we’re here, we are one of the best salon and spa’s in the Dundee Algonquin Elgin Carpentersville area, and please give us a chance! This team is so talented, and they just want to do good hair and massage, and stay busy using their skills.

I’ve also started scheduling continuing education classes for massage. Mondays in January and February I’ll be teaching Sports Massage, Advanced Stretching techniques, Hot Stones, and Pregnancy Massage classes. I take a 3 prong approach to learning, with each class having a lecture, demo, and hands-on portion. This helps all types of brains absorb the material.

Until next time, JulieB


Tis The Season

Ahhh we’ve had our first Thanksgiving here at Fox River Spa & Salon. So sweet. So stuffed. Such a good vibe, taking care of everyone – getting happy and pretty and put together for all the parties going on. Massages on people’s days off, folks taking time, making time to handle their needs.

We forget how amazing it feels to handle our business.  It’s so nice to say, “Yep, I was soooo due for a “Me Day”. Cut, color, massage, done. Life is good.” When we take those conscious time-outs to handle our needs, revive, regenerate – the body and spirit respond.

I’ve been taking time as an owner to make sure my own needs are met. I’ve found a few more strong and sensitive women to join the team, increasing our coverage on the floor and my ability to ask others for help. I’ve also gotten back into reading inspirational stuff – I had gotten wrapped up in QuickBooks and Excel world – time to tap back into what feeds my soul, so as to keep my spiritual stamina up. This is a marathon we’re running here, not a sprint, and I don’t want to get winded. 🙂

We’ve added another line of hair styling products – Surface – an all natural, vegan, gluten-free, sulfate and paraben-free line that really speaks to us and our clientele. Don’t get me wrong – still love love love the Kerastase, it’s just always good to have options. This gives our stylists the freedom to adjust as needed, and be able to take care of any head of hair that walks in the door.

I’ve also found a few more freelance massage therapists, able to help out and fill in the gaps as we continue to grow. Offered a couples massage on Facebook – hoping a grip of folks take advantage of that during December, and then am starting to teach again in January. Mondays in January will be continuing education for massage days. Will be emailing info out about that after our big Spa Social – Shop Local party on Sunday Dec 8th. That should be a blast. I’ll do a whole nother blog about that party. 🙂

Sports Massage – Chicago Marathon

Sports Massage is one of our niche treatments.  A real Sports Massage. A get in there and stretch it out, grind it out, I want to feel a difference in my body kinda treatment.

As our community prepares for the Chicago Marathon next Sunday October 13th, I’m reminded of how much I love runners. Mind you, I’m not one – I just love them. It takes a special type of personality and a high level of discipline to accomplish 26.2 miles in one sitting. I have so much respect for people who set goals and achieve them. Runners are cool.

Having a great massage session to reflect back upon or look forward to can be very motivating. The thoughts and conversations that go through your head during a marathon are wide ranging and diverse, and it’s nice to remember positive moments with your body. I believe that on a cellular level, our bodies remember balance. Our bodies want peace and equilibrium, and if we have muscle memory of deep breathing, flowing circulation, and trust in our systems to do the work we’ll be able to push through.

We humans are amazing at coping and compensating. It’s part of how we’ve evolved so far – we figure it out. Runners do this every race. By choice. They sign up for the challenge!

I don’t recommend a re-aligning “Fix-It” session before a marathon – you don’t want the knee bone re-learning how it aligns with the ankle bone right before a race – but a good deep tissue and assisted stretching is completely appropriate.

After a race, when DOMS starts creeping in (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is a great time for a comforting Swedish with warm stones and aromatherapy. Flush out all the by-products of your exertion, reward your body for performing in your time of need… it’s good.

Call us if you’re in training or after the big race – we’ll take great care of you.


Salon and Spa Hiring!

So I’m here now, full time. Drove cross country in 3 days with my minivan packed full of schtuff. That was an adventure in and of itself, lol.  I’m diving into the Spa & Salon industry and culture here, and meeting a ton of new people. It’s cool. I miss my family like crazy but they’ll be here in a week, so, I’m hanging in there.

I’ve started recruiting our opening team. Placed ads all over the place online, even on Craigslist, and reached out to a lot of the top schools. Haven’t had a ton of applicants (YET!) and am realizing the truth about start-ups. IT AIN’T EASY. Never thought it would be, but man oh man how spoiled I was with recruiting at Bellagio. Of course everyone lined up for a job with us. We had an amazing reputation. We had the best clients. Our facility was world renowned.

Fox River is a start-up, a risk. They don’t know me here, it’s impossible to predict how things are going to roll… but I have an idea about how it’s going to shake out, and I have faith in that vision. I’ve researched the area, the market, the competition. I know what I’m capable of and I know what Stylists and Therapists are capable of. We can do this. And if the rockstar tech’s aren’t lining up to work here yet, that’s ok. They will. I will find them.

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